Support & Service

How do I contact Kids Nautique?

You can send us an e-mail to the Kids Nautique Headquarters in the Netherlands.

How does the Seaswing get to my doorstep?

As soon as you place your order, we get to work. We’ll pack the Seaswing box with all necessary parts. After this our carefully selected transportation partners will make sure the box makes it’s way to your place as soon and safe as possible. That’s all!


Your order will be sent to you by POST NL. Within the Netherlands you’ll get your goods within 7 workdays after your order. Outside the Netherlands within 14 days depending which destination country.

The following transport costs are charged:

  • Netherlands € 7.50
  • Europe € 15.00
  • International € 20.00


We sell the Seaswing in the EU, Swiss and Norway. For orders outside mentioned countries please contact us.

I received my Seaswing, but something is wrong, what do I do?

We do our best to make sure your Seaswing reaches you without any trouble. If however something is not right, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

A part of my Seaswing broke, what do I do?

Our Seaswing is built to last, and we take great care to make sure they do. If, however, a part of your Seaswing breaks, please contact us and we’ll have you using your Seaswing again as soon as possible. Check out our terms and conditions here for more info on the official side of things.


It is up to the skipper to decide if more safety measurements needs to be taken. That might as well mean that the child has to be taken inside the boat. For safety matters Kids Nautique strongly recommends that the child wears a life jacket while seated in the Seaswing.

Instruction Seaswing with winch adaptor

  • This Seaswing is for kids in the age of 9 month’s up to 3 years old with a maximum weight up to 16-18 kilo.
  • When unpacked the Seaswing out of the box, please remove the protection foil and throw it in a trash bin.
  • When first started, please find a quiet location like a harbor to place the Seaswing in the winch after the safety cord has been placed around the winch. Try this several times to be sure that this activity is becoming a routine.
  • After this step, place the child into the chair and see if the belts are adjusted properly. If the belts are not in good length, than remove the child from the chair and place it safely in the cabin of your boat enabling you to adjust the safety belts.
  • This can be done by turning the Seaswing on it’s back and unleash the Velcro connections. Than you can move the Seat from the frame.
  • On the inside you can adjust the seatbelts.
  • Alway put the safety cord around (once or twice) the winch before you connect the Seaswing into the winch.
  • Be sure the Winch Connector is well placed in the Winch and fully placed into connection hole of the winch.
  • Let your child always wear a lifejacket once placed in the Seaswing.
  • Be sure that your kid will never be unprotected in the Seaswing, in other words take ALWAYS care for visual eye contact between parent / skipper and child when placed into the Seaswing.
  • Be sure that the seat belts are safely closed once your kid is placed into the Seaswing.
  • Be sure that your kid is well protected against sun (sunblock) and rain while placed into the Seaswing.
  • Be sure that the Seaswing is safely placed on either the Deck Winch on your cabin or Genoa winch on either site of the boat.
  • Be sure that the Seaswing will NOT interfere with the traveler of your main sail.
  • Be sure that the Seaswing will not interfere with other ropes / lines on board.
  • Take care that the Seaswing can not be lifted out of the winch by one or more ropes on board like the halyard or genoa sheet.
  • When skipper needs to tack, please first secure safety of the child by placing the child in the cabin. Than remove the Seaswing from the winch and store this one safely.
  • Take your child as many times as required out of the Seaswing and place the child in the cabin to be able to move. Do not leave your child more than 2 hours at a time in the Seaswing.
  • Parents are ALWAYS responsible for the safety of their kids on board of the Sailboat / yacht
  • It is up to the parents judgment to use the Seaswing safely under normal whether conditions.
  • When waves are to high upon judgment of the skipper, please take your kid out of the Seaswing and place him / her safely into the cabin (with a life jacket).

Kids Nautique can not be held responsible for any miss use, wrong placement or whatsoever causing injuries to your kid, others and or / damage to your boat.