Seaswing Toddler

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The Seaswing Toddler has been designed for kids from 9 months up to 3 years (16-18 kilo). Completed with a 5-point safety belt the Seaswing Toddler is a unique and safe solution for the little ones while sailing. Seated in the Seaswing Sailing, your child is safely seated and – as the Seaswing Sailing compensates for wave motions – mostly always in upright position but restricted by the shape of your cockpit.

Solution for most types of sailing yachts

The Seaswing Sailing Toddler is a solution for most types of sailing yachts. Please check the space on your own boat needed to place the Seaswing Sailing Toddler before ordering. Dimensions are 100 x 45 x 6 cm and the angle is 45 degrees. So the height needed vertically is approximately 72cm unless the Seaswing can be placed on the genua winch and hanging over the cockpit bench (see pictures).

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Advantages of the Seaswing Sailing Toddler for your child and for yourself

  • Imagine, you have to maneuver your ship suddenly, you know your kid is installed safely in its Seaswing,
  • Your kid can have its nap, without being disturbed by the waves,
  • The Seaswing protects your child from seasickness. Moreover it gives comfort while eating and drinking,
  • The child is part of the sailing fun you have: there is constant eye contact,
  • When placed on one of the winches on your deckhouse, the child will have a clear view backwards and a horizon: thus less chance on seasickness.

Seaswing specifications

  • Dimensions are 100 x 45 x 6 cm
  • The angle is 45 degrees
  • Seaswing Sailing Toddler 5 x 40 x 90 cm’
  • Shipment dimension 9 x 41 x 100 cm’
  • Weight net 4,5 kilos
  • Picture Seaswing Side with dimensions high 65 cm
  • Beam 65 cm
  • Angle 45 degrees
  • Seaswing Sailing Toddler has been tested among other: Maxi 999, Dufour Classic 32, several Bavaria’s and Jeanneau 42.
  • The Seaswing Sailing has been FMEA tested by TNO Industry in The Netherlands. FMEA stand for: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.
  • The Seaswing Sailing Toddler includes the seat with 5-point safety belt.
  • SeaSwing® is a trademark of Kids Nautique and is part of the Kids Nautique patented product family.