About Kids Nautique

Kids Nautique wants to unburden parents to go out sailing with their young kids by delivering specialized maritime safety products for their kids up to 12 years. The Seawing Toddler with two options to connect onboard is the first successful product sold in over 10 countries. Knowing what parents drives and their needs are for a joyful sail-trip, Kids Nautique wants to meet their needs by new product developments and market introduction to improve the safety of childs up and close to the waterfront.

Founder of Kids Nautique

Founder of Kids Nautique is born and raised in The Netherlands. His parents owned a sailing yacht and being one of the 6 children (the founder is number 5) he went out sailing as from his earliest years. Almost every weekend and holiday. At these times boating safety was not a serieus issue. Safety for kids was limited to simple life jackets unpleasant to wear. Becoming father of two sons he concluded nothing had happend in terms of new product introductions to guarantee better kids safety close to the waterfront and on board of yachts. As a former business consultant / interim manager with a technical background he decided to set up Kids Nautique with a focus on new product developments to increase the child safety.

He has an extensive background in watersports like windsurfing and sailing in both open boats and sailing yachts up to 15 meter. He sailed pretty much his whole life. Both on the lakes in the Netherlands but as well in Greece, Sweden, Finland and as a co-skipper on a sailing yacht under US flag during the Transatlantic ARC 2011 from Gran Canaria to St Lucia.